What is Perth Music Agency (PMA)?

Perth Music Agency is a unique company that provides music instrumental, theory and aural tuition to all aged school students attending schools in Western Australia. Students are taught individually in a school setting by suitably qualified staff. Instruments can be loaned to students for a fee payable in advance. We believe in starting music lessons at an early age in order to create a love and passion for music in the student so that their development in other aspects of their life is enhanced, for example, in school attainment and in developing their social skills outside of school.

We provide highly qualified staff who are regularly monitored to ensure that students are receiving the best tuition possible. 

About the Managing Director

Tash started studying musical instruments at age 5 and has loved learning music ever since. It was also a great way to meet new people by joining music groups, orchestras and bands. This enjoyment motivates PMA's approach to teaching, where the aims are to increase enjoyment of music lessons and awareness of how useful music is in everyday life.

Tash has taken ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams in clarinet, piano, recorder, saxophone, singing, violin and theory. With several Grade 8 exams under her belt (Grade 8 is the top level) she understands how to prepare for exams and achieve success from a student's perspective, maintaining a balanced lifestyle including school, sports and socialising. ABRSM exams at grades 6, 7 and 8 are all recognised by the majority of universities as qualifications alongside school exams, reflecting the status of achieving success in music.

Tash started teaching music in the UK over 12 years ago, teaching both privately from home and in a primary school. Tash has also created and run her own music theory, aural and general music workshops. When Tash moved to Perth, she wanted to carry on her teaching but soon noticed how schools do not offer as many music tuition opportunities to students as they could, and wanted to do something about that!

Why learning music is valuable

Music is very unique as it combines many other school subjects...

Music is a language - symbols and words will be learned enabling students to learn the most universal language.. Many terms used in music are Italian and music has been written all over the world which increases students awareness, knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.

Music is mathematical - it requires both sides of the brain to work simultaneously. Musicians have to think both vertically and horizontally at the same time. All music is based on a period of time which is divided equally into fractions (known as bars). These bars contain notes of different lengths.

Music is scientific - written music is displayed as a graph using different symbols to represent notes, note values, volume changes, speeds, note frequencies and articulation. It requires the musician to recognise the symbols instantly and convert them into what is required.

Music is an art - it allows students to express emotion and explore their artistic and creative side.

Music is physical - it requires specific breathing techniques, increased knowledge and ability of reaction time, power, co-ordination and strength not only of intricate finger and hand muscles but arm, facial, stomach, leg and back muscles.

Research has indicated that learning a musical instrument can increase your IQ by 10 points, which from the above points, is easy to understand.

Music can open many doors in a students future and can offer career opportunities.

Our approach to teaching music

Our main goal is to make sure students enjoy their lessons. Teachers will be trained to recognise a students method of learning and adapt their teaching techniques accordingly. This will ensure students not only have fun in every lesson but progress at their optimum level.