Students say

Schools say

   "Thank you for being a great piano teacher. You make the lessons really enjoyable. I have heaps of fun and I learn lots. Thank you heaps"                                              -10 year old student   


"Thank you for being a great piano teacher. You make the lessons really enjoyable. I have heaps of fun and I learn lots. Thank you heaps"                                              -10 year old student


All the children who had lessons with Tash looked forward to their lesson each week, even if they were missing some of their break time, and from our point of view, there was no admin or hassle to worry about as Tash dealt with everything.
— St. Barnabas Primary, Cambridgeshire (UK)

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend including ‘Perth Music Agency’ as part of your school community. The program is coordinated by Tash Ewart and has been offering our students the opportunity to learn and enjoy a variety of musical instruments; mainly for the past two years.
Perth Music Agency has benefited our school by enabling a greater number of students to gain musical tuition while at school, as well as giving students the opportunity to start at an earlier age. Music students have performed at school events including our ‘Welcome to Yangebup Parents Night’. Tash has a positive approach and is able to deliver the program in a variety of locations as the infrastructure requirements are not intensive. Tash also has excellent rapport with staff and students.
The program has enabled students to participate in a music program otherwise not available at school.
At Yangebup Primary School we support (on-site) the need for students to leave their classrooms for extension, extra curricular and remedial sessions as it provides students with the opportunity to make the most of their educational opportunities, including in this case developing an appreciation of music. Feedback from teachers indicates those students who are attending extension programs have the skills and aptitude to stay abreast of classroom requirements. Disruption to classroom learning has been minimal.
— Richard Barr, Acting Principal, Yangebup Primary School

Parents say

I am very grateful to you for the way you approach your music teaching. The experience for Arwen is always positive and she is being taught an instrument and a new language to boot.

It has been a pleasure to observe your delightful nature how it brings the children back for more with a smile on their faces.

Thank you for getting Arwen through her first exam with so little time to prepare. You had faith in her and it paid off. You did this without the slightest sign of panic or stress. I think you are quite amazing.

I think your business model is brilliant. To offer a no-stress option to schools that do not have the wherewithal to employ piano teachers is inspired. It creates a win-win situation for parents, the school and the children. I wish you many years of fulfilling teaching in this way.
— Jaci Moore, Perth WA
My 9 year old son has had the privilege of having Tash as a piano teacher for the last 6 months. He truly enjoys his lessons and actually reminds me of them! His pride in his playing is heart-warming and as an added bonus I have also noticed that his attention span has improved. I have the highest regard for Tash and her teaching methods.
— Parent, Perth WA